Commands a never-ending controlled motion at a specified velocity.


KsCommandStatus MoveAxisVelocity(
     int Index,
     double Velocity,
     double Acceleration,
     double Deceleration,
     double Jerk,
     McDirection Direction,
     McBufferMode BufferMode


Index [in]: the index of an axis. Indexes are zero based. Aliases affect this parameter.

Velocity [in]: a value of the specified velocity. [unit/second]

Acceleration [in]: a value of the acceleration. The unit is determined by the McProfileType type. (increasing energy of the motor) [unit/second2] or [second]

Deceleration [in]: a value of the deceleration. The unit is determined by the McProfileType type. (decreasing energy of the motor) [unit/second2] or [second]

Jerk [in]: a value of the jerk. The unit is determined by the McProfileType type. [unit/second3] or [second]

Direction [in]: the moving direction of an axis. See the McDirection type. (mcShortestWay is not applicable)

BufferMode [in]: defines how to blend the velocity of two functions. See the McBufferMode type.

Return value

Returns the KsCommandStatus structure.



VOID RecordPosition(INT Index, DOUBLE Velocity, McDirection Direction) {
   double PosRecord = 0;

   //Configure the probe
   McProbeTrigger ProbeTrigger = { 0 };
   ProbeTrigger.TouchProbeId = 0;
   ProbeTrigger.Software = FALSE;
   ProbeTrigger.IndexPulse = TRUE;
   ProbeTrigger.Edge = TRUE;
   ProbeTrigger.AxisSwitch = FALSE;
   ProbeTrigger.Index = 0;
   ProbeTrigger.Offset = 0;
   KsCommandStatus probe = SetAxisTouchProbe(Index, ProbeTrigger, FALSE, 0, 0, &PosRecord);

   //Start moving
   MoveAxisVelocity(Index, Velocity, 36000, 36000, 3600000, Direction, mcAborting);

   //Wait for the position to be recorded
   probe = WaitForCommand(30, TRUE, probe);

   RtPrintf("Recorded position: %d\n", (int)PosRecord);
   WaitForCommand(30, TRUE, HaltAxis(Index, 36000, 3600000, mcAborting));


  RT Win32
Minimum supported version 4.0 4.0
Header ksmotion.h ksmotion.h
Library KsApi_Rtss.lib KsApi.lib

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