Subsystem Initialization functions

The following table describes the Subsystem Initialization functions.

Function name Description
ConfigureAxis Configures the settings of a simulated axis.
ConfigureDc Configures distributed clock (DC) options.
ConfigureIo Configures the settings of a simulated I/O module.
Create Prepares to link a program to the KINGSTAR Subsystem.
Destroy Closes the link to the KINGSTAR Subsystem and terminates the Subsystem.
EnableActualCurrent Adds the Actual Current variable to PDO.
EnableActualTorque Adds the Actual Torque variable to PDO.
EnableActualVelocity Adds the Actual Velocity variable to PDO.
EnableAutoConfig Allows auto-config to be enabled.
EnableAutoRepair Allows auto-repair to be enabled.
EnableAutoRestart Allows for auto-restart to be enabled.
EnableAxisInput Adds the Digital Input variable to the PDO.
EnableAxisOutput Adds the Digital Output variable to the PDO.
EnableFollowingError Adds the Following Error variable to PDO.
EnableHotConnect Allows new hardware to be added while the EtherCAT network is running.
EnableMaxCurrent Adds the Maximum Current variable to PDO.
EnableMaxTorque Adds the Max Torque variable to PDO.
EnableRedundancy Enables cable redundancy.
EnableSecondEncoder Adds the Internal Position variable to PDO.
EnableServerLog Enables the messages of the real-time server on RtxServer.
EnableSynchronizedControlMode Adds the Modes of Operation and Modes of Operation Display variables to PDO.
GetAxisByIndex Gets information from an axis.
GetIOByIndex Gets the information from a specified real or simulated I/O module.
GetSlaveById Gets detailed information from a specified slave using the ID.
GetStatus Gets the state of an EtherCAT link.
Restart Restarts the EtherCAT master.
SetAxisAccessMode Sets the data transfer mode for EtherCAT drives.
SetConfiguredAxesCount Configures a number of simulated axes.
SetConfiguredIoCount Configures a number of simulated I/O modules.
SetCycleTime Sets the EtherCAT cycle time.
Start Starts the KINGSTAR Subsystem.
Stop Stops the EtherCAT network and the KINGSTAR Subsystem.