Work with gearing

In this section, you'll learn how to make a gear move using KINGSTAR gear functions.

Gear moves

There are two kinds of gear moves: general gearing and gear-in-position.

Process of making a gear move

The process below shows how to make a gear move in KINGSTAR:


SetAxisGear: sets a gear ratio and links the axes to gear.

SetAxisGearInPos: sets a gear ratio between the position of the slave and master axes from the synchronization point onwards.

ReleaseAxis: releases an axis from the Stopping state or detaches it from camming or gearing.


The following are motion functions. For more information about their use, see Chapter 5.

Keep in mind that gear defines the behavior of a slave axis, not master. The master axis doesn't know a slave axis is attached to itself. After you gear two axes, only the master should be moved.

Start gearing

Take the following steps to implement gearing.