Chapter 6: Homing

Homing means finding a known position, which can be a sensor, a switch, or a position you set. It's easy to confuse homing with going home. They are different behavior. KINGSTAR provides only the homing feature. In this chapter, you'll learn how to home your axis using different homing modes.

✔: Supported. ✖: Not supported.

✔ Homing: find a known position. The axis' position will change after homing is done. The position doesn't have to be zero.

✖ Going home: move an axis to the home position. Typically it's zero (0, 0).

Add a header and .cpp file

You need to add a header and a .cpp file to learn the code of this chapter. The steps of adding them are written in Chapter 2 > Add a header and .cpp file.


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